Water Reticulation Services

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Since experiencing severe drought in the Cape Town precinct in 2018 and the years leading up, we have done various commercial water reticulation projects involving well points, boreholes and filtration systems.

water reticulation network is a network of pumps, pipes and water storages designed to store and distribute water.

The basic principles in the design of a water reticulation system are reliability, redundancy, utility and economy. Utility can be defined as a reliable, easy to operate, trouble-free system that delivers water in the quantity and at the points required, with no more attention than routine maintenance. Economy can be defined as a system installed at a minimum expense, without sacrificing utility that will operate for its design life without ongoing capital expenditure or excessive maintenance costs.

Design objectives: The water reticulation system should • ensure the layout, pipe size and pump capacity of the system can efficiently supply the ‘premises’ with water • be sized to supply water throughout the premises during peak demand periods • incorporate a storage system to cater for fluctuations in supply and demand and to act as an emergency supply in the event water supply failure • allow easy maintenance to pipes, valves and pumps • allow maintenance on some parts of the system while maintaining a continuous water supply to all areas of the premises • be protected from damage • supply fresh, cool, clean palatable and high quality drinking water to the premises. Mandatory requirements Compliance with • South African water services act 108 of 1998.

We do installations for schools, business parks, commercial centres and residential.