Bathrooms & Kitchens

Bathrooms and Kitchens are my personal love as an interior designer because they can transform your home. These areas are well worth investing in.

At Oshun, we play with ‘layouts’ to best use the space with consideration for logic flow and functionality. We help you with strategic placement of vanities and with difficult choices with regard fittings and finishes to keep your home up to date and on trend. We have our own qualified plumbers and in-house design team to give you personalized service and ensure your vision is fulfilled.

Read our blog article on Kitchen Layout Design here.

We have our own installation and painting teams, offering you customized paint effects if this is desired, over the standard flat finish.

We can also supply glass splash backs for your kitchen and vanities which can be digitally printed on with the image of your choice.

Call us today to have a discussion about your needs and dream kitchen or bathroom.