Whether it is a factory that you wanting to make functional or a reception area that needs an image make-over, we are well qualified to assist you with this.

Our in-house decorators and design team can help you with creating the image and ambience to impress your customers and get them coming back.

We recently completed a face-lift for a twenty year old office building. The owner wanted to sell and felt that a fresh look to the building would speed up the process. Without a huge budget, we knew we had to rely on colour and landscaping to do the trick. We selected exterior paint colours to work with the existing natural stone and brought in our landscape architect to accentuate the building’s best attributes. We cleaned up the entry by reducing the number of overgrown plants, replacing them with smaller, easily maintained varieties. This gave the building a cleaner aesthetic. We also worked to accentuate the main entries of the building, leading tenants and visitors to the entrances with ease.

We have lots of clever and ascetically pleasing tricks up our sleeves that are also budget friendly for office and commercial space.

Call us today to talk about your needs and vision and allow us to quote you.