Planning & Interior Design Services

Whether you are planning a spec home, preparing an existing home for resale, rehabilitating a multifamily complex or renovating a commercial property, appropriate interior design will always help to increase the value of a property. It can also dramatically shorten your selling time. Thoughtful interior design will carefully organise space while integrating colour, light pattern and finish in order to supplement function, flow and performance.

It is important to engage a designer early in the project to work with the client and the architect before completion of the plans. This helps develop a set of rules for the project keeping the design intent consistent. It becomes the designer’s job to ensure the interior of the space will function as the team intends. Finishes, lighting, furniture are all integral parts of a successful project. The interior designer can assist in all these areas as well as in accessorising and art placement.

All in all it is important for the team to have a common project goal to produce the best outcome possible.
Call us today and let us see if we may have a synergy of passion & vision for your project.

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