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Creating spaces that stand the test of time.

The best way to avoid the problem of short-lived trends and outdated buildings is to use material and colour palettes derived from the surrounding environment.

Renovating a property requires a different tack because there are subtle trends in design that when followed will improve your chances of success for realising your goals, be it to create a home for your family or as a real estate investor, to maximise your return.

For instance, colour preferences change from decade to decade and you absolutely want to be up to date, unless your property is historic.

An experienced interior designer will guide you to make vital decisions in selecting colours and materials that are currently trending and propose value added elements that will help your property sell or lease quickly and easily. This is always well worth your consideration as an investor.

Small and affordable but critical changes to the entrance and garden leading up to the entrance can make a huge difference to achieving your goals and make a good first impression. If you are planning a new build, it is important to engage a designer early in the project to work with the client and the architect before completion of the plans. This helps to develop a set of rules for the project keeping the design intent consistent. Modern architecture and lifestyle requirements recognize the importance of integrating the garden and landscape into the overall concept and design of your building. It should all flow together to create a fully functional living and recreational space which has many ‘green’ and sustainable attributes, maximizing  the use of light and sun power and the use of water filtration systems and insulation to cut down on the use of these valuable and costly resources.

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