Napier Street, Greenpoint

Restoration of an old apartment block. It was restored for the landlord to the Film Production Studio requirements. The building was not habitable. The client was impatient to move in.

It was a stunning building to be involved with. It overlooked ‘The Rodwell’ Hotel.

  • We had to remove loose and damaged plaster from entire walls.
  • restore all the beams and window frames
  • restore the Oregon pine flooring.
  • Install cemcrete flooring to areas
  • install office partitioning
  • install two kitchens and ablution facilities for staff.

Once the stripping and restoration of the structure was achieved, the Cemcrete floors were installed in designated areas where there was no Oregon flooring. The board room got this treatment and office partitioning and doors installed. The bathroom and kitchen also got a Cemcrete make-over. Holes in the now sanded Oregon floors were patched quite effectively with resin.

Hereafter, we focused on getting the upstairs office partitioning installed, the upstairs kitchen and then moved to the lower level where further offices, bathrooms and a kitchen facility were laid out and installed.

Once the upper-level directors’ offices were installed and they had their own kitchenette and bathroom, they could take occupation of that level. We then moved to installing the lower-level offices, bathrooms, and a kitchen.

The result felt very satisfying due to the transformative process.

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