garden Bergvliet 2

This project consisted of a neglected, overgrown driveway and front yard area, with no structure at all.

This is a sample of the original front yard.

We set about cleaning up, under and top pruning. This allowed light through the canopy for new lower-level plants under established trees. We removed at least thirteen tons of debris.

We then decided on the position for the communal area braai pit. The front overgrown bushes were trimmed. The yard would initially lose some of its privacy. We planned on planting ivy up the fence along with some fast-growing indigenous shrubs.

The bigger branches cut from the trees in the driveway were used to construct a natural lattice structure in an oval shape around the braai area. Once this area was established it was easy to carry the line in a natural curvy way to the avocado tree and beyond to join up with the other beds. Note the avocado tree. You will see later how it thrived from being grouped into a new eco system of care. The rubble was removed from the beds, and the new bed terraced.

The natural lattice structure became a nesting place for the toads which croaked at night. It also became a ‘talking point’ and many came to view it. Still others took it further, increasing the height.

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