Rodwell Cresent, St james

The restoration of an old Dame.

The property was old and built on a steep terraced slope. There was a flatlet with damp a problem beneath a terrace. The house was three levels high with garages underneath. It had old quarry tiles on the stairs with round copings which were not replaceable.

We began the project by digging French drains to direct storm water drainage from the top terraces away from the flatlet roof top terrace. The top of the flatlet roof was stripped of covering and resealed. The quarry tiled stairs that adjoined the flatlet, had the grout repaired and was sealed with concrete sealer. An extraction fan was installed into the flat.

After the drainage was done and the garden repaired, we prepared and painted the perimeter wall, repaired copings and pressure cleaned the slate tile roof, sealing it with concrete sealer. We managed to repair 98% of damaged quarry tile copings and cleaned and sealed all the quarry tiles.

A pallet of neutral tones was chosen to accentuate ornate copings on the walls and house. The darker colour was used to subdue glare around the pool and create a more relaxed atmosphere. All the teak windows were stripped down. There were repairs done to parquet flooring inside the house.