Main Bedroom Progress

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  • This bedroom had windows where you now see the wardrobes. The windows overlooked an enclosed patio area. It had no privacy and was a huge waste of space utilization.
  • The bedroom door opened the wrong way into the room, so we changed that, making it open against the wardrobes.
  • The en-suite had been closed off to the main bedroom. We re-cut the opening, installing shower partition wall and spacious cubicle of 1.2 m by 1 m and constructed a cement screed counter installing new vanities and fittings.
  • The doors had a ‘paint technique’ with a wood grain effect, applied, bringing out the darker tones of the chosen theme colours. A sliding door for the en-suite was installed.
  • We chose a darker tone grey for the feature wall behind the bed. This framed the bed nicely.
  • Led downlights were installed with dimmers.
  • Carpets were also installed to create warmth and coziness. Plain white canvass twill curtains were chosen for a calming effect.