Lounge Stacker Door Progress

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  • Pic no 2 shows a ‘yellow orange’ wall where a French door and window were removed to make place for the ‘stacker’ door to the soon to be new raised level patio area.
  • Pic no 3, shows the area of the previously sunken lounge area, now filled with rubble from removed walls.
  • On the far ‘red orange’ wall of pic no 3, you can see where we removed doors and windows. This house had excessive use of windows and no provision made for other functions such as art walls or serving counters or TV walls or even bookcases and mirrors. We changed all of this.
  • The rubble was disposed of by filling the lounge and patio to the desired levels, saving us money.
  • Electrical plug points and switches had to be reconfigured.
  • We had to remove the lounge fireplace when the floor level was raised.
  • The 3.2 opening ‘stacker’ door opening really changed the feel of the entire house, integrating the patio area nicely with the inside living area.