Kitchen Progress

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  • Pic no 2 shows the original kitchen position in the house. It was the ‘room with a view’ and had many windows to look out of.
  • The kitchen was completely moved away from this position making way for the corner window featured separately. The area was incorporated into a larger lounge area.
  • Pic no 3 WAS the old front door, one had to walk around the house to access it, and a diining area. You can see the markings of a low wall that divided the entrance from the dining area. There was also a wall where the photographer is standing that closed this area off.
  • We moved the kitchen back to this area, building a 2.4 m wall. as seen in pic 5 on the right, dividing the now new extended lounge area from the now new proposed kitchen area.
  • We moved the electrical distribution board to behind the new back door, or old front door.

This was the original inspiration for the macro theme. We loved the openness, the big glass pane doors which allowed a view to the garden and let natural light in, the natural tones of wood or bamboo used and the neutral use of dark and light grey tones with white. We also loved the simulated wood, floor effect.

  • Due to the above inspiration and keeping true to it, we decided to install a single pane glass door for the back door. The result was very pleasing.
  • Pic no 1 on the extreme left shows where a 650 mm wall was built to shield the tall pantry cupboards.
  • The removed wall, where the photographer stands, became an open-plan counter division between the new lounge dining area.
  • This post is not going to discuss the details of this kitchen design, just to say it has some thoughtful features.
  • The windows were dressed with real bamboo venetian blinds, keeping true to our theme.
  • LED downlights were strategically positioned over counter work areas.