Front Door Progress

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  • Pic no 2 shows the window where the new front door will be going. Originally one had to walk through the wooden gate and around the corner past the bedroom, to the front door.
  • A recessed double volume front door was decided on to create the double volume entrance and spacious flow leading into the new lounge and dining areas. Recessing the door provided a sheltered space when accessing the home and the doors, which opened outwards, were not in the way.
  • Originally a four-bedroom home, the two beds viewed in pic 2, were very small. The new front door and entrance would steal 2 m from the combined two rooms. the remaining room was enlarged by about 1 m.
  • We walled up the area where the wooden gate was, creating a secure backyard and private garden.
  • We decided to build up a few pillars to further define the entrance area.
  • The solid wood front door got the same paint wood graining paint technique as the internal doors.