garden Tokai Manor clean up

This was another badly neglected property. This page is going to show the back yard clean-up and layout taking shape. The property is a heritage property of Cape Town.

When the adjoining farm had constructed a road alongside and above this property, it had caused a huge problem with the rain in the following year, causing flooding and mud to fill the entire courtyard area and adjoining paths surrounding the house.

First, the mess. The washing machine outlet pipe had free reign, making the area smell from the waterlogged situation. Old ceiling board had been removed from the house and dumped on a pile.

We set about sorting and removing anything that could be removed. We set about burning the old ceiling board that could be burnt and burying the rest for compost.

Mud was removed and placed in areas we were building up to terrace. A shaped stair area was formed to a landing area and the formation of a shaped stone wall was formed along the adjoining bed beside the pathway.

The structure of the area improved dramatically with the stairs and the stone wall. It was later decided to get a stone mason in and formalize the stone wall and stairs as it looked so good.