The Benefits for Good Project Management

The General Contractor.

Apart from meeting all the experience and qualifications criteria, look for a person or company, with whom you would enjoy socialising. This may sound strange, but this will be the team member you will see most often so you really must have a good relationship with your contractor, after all, he will be responsible for spending your money. The general contractor ensures the project is done with minimal problems.

Many investors opt to handle the overlooking of a project on their own. While this can work well, it more often than not goes badly if the person is inexperienced. Think about it. Do you have another career that will keep you away from the site? What is your time worth compared to a contractor’s fee? Are you familiar with construction methods, local building regulations and backup trades, if necessary? Do you have the strengths in scheduling budget and managing people?

The value of an experienced contractor to manage the project and trades people is often a smart investment. If on the other hand, your remodel includes little more than paint and carpet, you may be fine managing the project. A brief consultation with an interior designer can help you select materials and recommendations. Bear in mind however, sometimes small projects lead to bigger ones. I have witnessed the discovery of problems that are bigger than the owner can handle.

Credits to Robert Kiyosaki for content.

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