Property Staging

Over the years property staging has become a widely used selling tool. Property staging is all about merchandising the rooms to make them look like living areas and not just four walls.

The goal of interior design for a residence is to personalise the space according to the tastes and preferences of the home owner. Staging is the opposite. The professional stager’s job is to depersonalize the space and allow buyers to imagine themselves living there.

In tough real estate markets when nothing is selling, the staged house will nine times out of ten be the one that sells first.

Here are the five C’s to successful staging;

  1. Clean: Everything should be immaculate. That means carpets, floors, walls; counters and bathrooms should look model home perfect.
  2. Clutter Free: Make counters, tables and shelves ready for the buyer’s things, not yours. Remove everything, and then some more.
  3. Colour: You may have loved it wild & crazy, but buyers want to picture their own furniture and colours. Cerise pink walls make that difficult.
  4. Creativity: Give buyers something to talk about and remember. They will be looking at a lot of homes. Make yours unforgettable.
  5. Compromise: Stagers will want you to do it all, but you may find you will go only so far. No problem. Compromise, and do the things that matter most.

Most buyers make their buying decisions within the first fifteen seconds of seeing a property. What does that tell us? First impressions are everything. It is worth spending extra time and money on curb appeal and the wow factor of the house.

Here are the top five areas to spruce up;

  1. The front yard: including lawn, trees and the walkway. Repair steps and plant flowers and put the love in.
  2. The front door: remove the cobwebs and make the entrance hall clean and light.
  3. Interior & exterior paint: nothing freshens up a home more than new paint.
  4. Flooring: make sure carpets are clean, repaired and fresh. No stains, no worn carpets, no dirt allowed.
  5. Healthy green plants: emphasis on healthy. No dead or dry leaves, dust, messy pots or water stains.

Staging will make your property look so good that you will wonder why you lived in it the way you did for all those years. I advise everyone to hire a stager to help you weed out the clutter. It takes brutal honesty and stagers are known for it. Stagers will rearrange furniture to maximise the appearance of space as well as downplay less desirable features. If you want to take things to the next level – and in a tight market you may have little choice, hire a professional stager and allow them to use their existing inventory of accoutrements to enhance your home.

If your home is unoccupied, don’t listen to people who say an empty home sells better than one that is furnished. If this were true, no builder would ever furnish a model home.

Having homes properly staged significantly reduces the selling cycle as well as brings a higher selling price.

Call or email us today to have a ‘home stager’ consultant call on you.

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